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Vertical Line Mapping

Mapping Fishing Gear and Lines to Reduce Whale Entanglement

  • tailJeremy Winn photo. Permit Numbers 605-1607 & 605-190
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Coastal Maine
Fall 2010 to Fall 2011

The client: Maine Department of Marine Resources

The project: Map the density of lobster gear/lines along the 3500 mile Maine coast to determine points of intersection with migration paths – and therefore potential entanglements – of critically endangered whales.

Our work: We used existing stereo imagery technology to pinpoint and map more than 65,000 lobster buoys along Maine’s coast. We successfully distinguished between and analyzed 6000 almost identical aerial images of ocean and buoys and stayed on schedule despite consistently adverse weather and sea conditions.

Benefit: Now, Maine Department of Marine Resources (DMR) scientists can anticipate potential points of convergence between vertical lines and whale migration paths, accurately detect and report entanglements, and help formulate fishery regulations to reduce entanglements, particularly of the critically endangered right whale.

Aerial Imagery & Mapping
Aerial Imagery & Mapping photo
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Softcopy Photogrammetry photo
Digital Orthophotography
Digital Orthophotography
Geographic Information Systems
Geographic Information Systems