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illinois tollway: i-290 between kirchoff and hwy 72

Illinois Tollway: I-290 between Kirchoff and Hwy 72

  • Illinois Tollway
  • Illinois Tollway
  • Illinois Tollway

Rolling Meadows, Illinois
Fall 2009

The client: Illinois Tollway/Illinois Transportation System

The project: Base mapping for design update and reconstruction of a significant highway interchange – part of a $6.3 billion capital program to rebuild and restore Illinois’ 50-year-old tollway system.

Our work: As a sub-contractor to Aero-Metric, Kappa Mapping provided photogrammetric engineering-grade planimetric and topographic mapping services for Illinois Tollway, which included stereo compilation, editing and translation, and digital orthophotography.  We then radiometrically enhanced and mosaicked the images along linear features to minimize seam lines.

We delivered data that conformed exactly to Illinois DOT mapping standards – 1”=50’ mapping scale with 1’ contours – and delivered black & white 1/4’ pixel resolution orthophotos in TIFF and MrSID compressed formats. By tying into existing mapping, we integrated data from previous projects.

Client benefits:

  • The mapping data shows the current condition of the interchange so engineers can plan and design improvements. The topography and linework enable the engineering firm and the construction company to properly bid on the project.
  • The orthophoto helps local officials and community planners, especially those not well-versed in engineering terminology, understand the fundamentals of the project.
  • Various departments and community groups use the data, including the Public Relations and Maintenance Departments.
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