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danbury municipal airport (dxr), ct

Danbury Municipal Airport (DXR), CT

  • DXR Aerial
  • DXR Aerial
  • DXR Aerial
  • DXR Aerial
  • DXR Aerial
Danbury, Connecticut
Fall 2009 - Spring 2010

The Client: Hoyle, Tanner and Associates for FAA

The Project: Airport Obstruction Mapping compliant with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and National Geodetic Survey (NGS) standards and with guidelines for Instrument Procedure Development. The standards and guidelines (Advisory Circulars 150/5300-16A, 17B, 18B) comprehensively address the surveying, mapping, and infrastructure data collection and attribution requirements that support precision approach analysis, design, and certification. Certification attracts aviation business and increases air access to the region, enhancing the airport’s economic viability.

Our Work: To provide photogrammetry support to the consulting engineer, we...

  • Tracked progress using the FAA AGIS web portal
  • Developed flightplan and ground control layout
  • Coordinated mapping closely with surveying firm
  • Assisted with Statement of Work, Survey and Quality Control Plan, and Imagery Plan
  • Delivered aerotriangulation results and imagery data to NGS for approval
  • Mapped obstructions using photogrammetry within Obstruction Identification Surfaces (OIS), also mapped landmark features and representative objects, along with planimetric & topographic features on the airport property
  • Delivered orthophotos with metadata to FAA
  • Assisted with the attribution component of the final delivery
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